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Bitcoin1% : High Leverage Trading

because 1% is all you need to make consistent profits
1 week Trial + Training
 make profits
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What is Bitcoin1%

Bitcoin1% is an exotic and effective High Leverage Trading Methodology. It comes Bundled with its own Trading Indicator! This High Leverage Indicator is specifically designed, to catch 1% Bitcoin price movements with Clarity, Comfort & Consistency.
 Because on high leverage 1% is all you need.

example :
At 10x Leverage 1% move = 10% profit

At 30x Leverage 1% move = 30% profit

Why Bitcoin1%

Because its the most efficient way to become Consistently Profitable! Instead of waiting for a bull market & trading 500 different assets, Bitcoin1% methodology leads you to hone in your trading skills by focusing on One asset. One Timeframe. One Philosophy & eventually mastering it. Our aim is not to be jack of all trades, rather, become master of one.

• 24x7 Market  • Profit from Both Directions  • LIVE Guidance



Bitcoin1% works in 3 distinct steps :

Step 1 : Identify Trend

Bitcoin1% observes important parameters on higher timeframes to identify general trend.

Step 2 : Take Position

Once the trend is identified the script intends to take high probability positions for a 1% move in the direction of the trend : once those trading against the trend are exhausted. Bitcoin1% uses 21 bespoke conditions that identify such high probability trades.

Step 3 : Take Profit

Bitcoin1% offers 4 types of exits on chart. (Partial Exit & Total Exit) for both Long & Short

Insight : Bitcoin1% is designed for trending markets, so the script avoids trading structureless or sideways movement & expects reasonable judgement on the user's part to avoid trading unusual market conditions. 


Bespoke Datasets

Bitcoin1% makes informed decisions using bespoke datasets created within the protocol. RSI, MA, VWAP etcetera are secondary datasets.


The script is Adapting & Evolving. Always in sync with the market

Trading Clarity

Keeps you oriented with the Market Conditions, offers clarity without clutter

LIVE Guidance

You're never alone. We follow & anticipate Bitcoin moves with uncanny precision on DISCORD.

World's First Super Specialised Indicator designed exclusively for High Leverage Trading on BTCUSD.




1 Month Subscription

cost = $8/week

- Access to Bitcoin1% Indicator
- Access to 1% Club
- Feature Requests

- LIVE Guidance


1 Year Subscription

cost = $6.25/week

- Access to Bitcoin1% Indicator

- Access to 1% Club

- Feature Requests
- 2 months bonus

- LIVE Guidance


Lifetime Membership

No Reoccurring Cost

- Access to Bitcoin1% Indicator
- Access to 1-percent-lounge
- Brainstorming & Contributions

- Feature Requests

- LIVE Guidance

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who am i

a brief intro

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome!
I am Dexter, your host & the creator of Bitcoin1%


I am a young doctor, who soon after finishing medical college in 2016 bumped into the fancy world of Bitcoin while handling a real estate project in rural India.
Fascinating right?

I abruptly entered Bitcoin at $450, not as an investment, but as a tool to learn trading. I had just started off & had no idea that Bitcoin was about to blow out of proportion. Rode Bitcoin all the way up to the euphoric $24k peak & then down to $3.5K What happened in between are many cycles of disappointment & enlightenment that led me to successful high leverage trading & ultimately the creation of Bitcoin1%


My areas of deep diving are Trading, Medicine, Physics & Spirituality. My superpower is that i can resolve clutter into clarity, observe fascinating mechanisms many layers deep; explore & acquire new skill sets at warp speed.

I work in a cyclical fashion in life, i keep coming back to things only to be amazed by deeper & deeper truths. I have a great passion for teaching & I'm grateful for having your attention & a loving family with whom i find pleasure in the little things of life 

get in touch!

Thanks! Will get back to you shortly :-)

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Bitcoin1% is a Trading System that does not take into consideration factors such as your trading experience, personal objectives, goals, financial means, or risk tolerance. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor. Kindly be aware that past performance is no indication of future results.